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Critical notes

Precari-brarians Anonymous

Critical notes (19)


The man stands up and addresses the rest of the participants of the meeting, who sit in a circle around him.

— Hello. My name is John, and I am a librarian.

— Hi, John — answer the others in chorus.

And John then starts to share all his problems, all his bitterness, all the inconveniences he faces in his daily work as a librarian. Or as a "precari-brarian", as he and his colleagues have begun to call themselves, due to the alarming precariousness of their jobs. The assistants nod, regretfully: more or less, all of them identify with that colleague and with his tribulations. That is why they meet there, in the Association of Precari-brians Anonymous: to share their sorrows, support and encourage each other, share hopes, strategies and solutions...

Fantasy? Yes, indeed. But it is enough to teach a course or a seminar, or lecture on social librarianship to more than twenty librarians to find that the final time for questions turns into a kind of meeting of "Precari-brians Anonymous": librarians who take advantage of the time and the space to complain about their working conditions.

Working conditions, that are in fact increasingly regrettable, and over which, apparently, no professional association, trade union or college has control. There seems to be little left for the Association of Precari-brians Anonymous to go from being a fantasy to become a reality.


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