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Critical notes

Technological somnambulism

Critical notes (24)


The American political theorist Langdom Winner (1944) works on the social and political aspects that come with modern technological changes.

In The Whale and the Reactor (1986), Winner poses what he calls "a revealing notion": that of technological somnambulism. According to the author, we walk voluntarily asleep through the process of reconstruction of the conditions of human existence by contemporary technology.

A technology that strongly affects knowledge, its forms of production, distribution and socialization, and the spaces in which this knowledge is managed. Including libraries.

Could not it be said, of many current information professionals, that they are true "technological sleepwalkers"? Have we evaluated the consequences of such somnambulism for our profession, the goods we protect, and the users we serve?

And, above all... is there a way to wake up?


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