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Critical notes

The need for rebellion

Critical notes (25)


It's okay to work in community.

[Not in flock, and with a shepherd. In community, I say: horizontal, egalitarian, balanced...].

But it is also good that there is at least one of us walking beyond the limits of our world, far from the group.

Because the community is going to need that vision from outside and from far away./p>

For those walking beyond the limits of our world it is easy to pioneer, to explore new roads, to get lost walking them, and to return to tell adventures and misadventures, recommendations and warnings ...

It's okay to work in community, yes. Together, united as part of the same fabric that takes care of all its strands because it knows (or should know) that if one of them fails, the entire thing falls apart.

But it is also necessary that there are those rebel fringes that, barely clinging to the fabric at one end and with the rest floating in the wind, without major ties, explore reality and tell it from their own perspective.

Rebels are necessary. Their vision is unique. They are the critical voices which do not stick to the expected or stipulated lines. They are the scouts who look beyond the horizon and come back to tell about what they saw. They are the ones who know the limits, the ones who open new trails in the jungle of ideas and actions, the ones who watch from the edge of the world...

It is not an easy task, though. Because when they return from their travels (external and internal), the rebels are usually rejected: the community perceives them as misfits, people who walk those rough paths because they dislike the company of theirs fellow men. It is not always the case: actually, it almost never is. The rebels like solitude and adventure, searching for other roads and skies... But they also like to return somewhere they may call home.

Every time they come back, they have a lot to tell. Why not welcome them, lend them a chair and listen to what they have to say?


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